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Back to Work Lunch Ideas

Are you back in the office post-pandemic and having difficulty planning healthy lunches?Bento Boxes are a GREAT option! These little boxes offer versatility and flexability, keeping lunch interesting and healthy.

The key with Bento Box planning is to include at least one protein: low fat cheese, low sodium lunch meat, hard boiled eggs, edamame, nuts, chicken, and tuna are all great options. Then, load up on veggies. From there, you can add a fruit, yogurt, crackers, a small sandwich, etc. There is no right or wrong way to construct your Bento Box. I like to include foods from each of the food groups when possible. This keeps it interesting and adds a lot of nutritional value. For example, a Bento Box might include a hardboiled egg (protein), strawberries (fruit), carrots (veggie), and hummus.

Watch this fun video for tips and tricks on making your Bento Box:

Let us know what some of your favorite Bento Box combinations are in the comments!

Bento Boxes:

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